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How to Replace the Throttle in a Toyota Camry

How to Replace the Throttle in a Toyota Camry

Since the 1980s, the Toyota Camry has embodied class, style and customer-friendly repair as Toyota has made the Camry's part-installation and replacement process approachable for everyone. No matter the model year, you can even install a new throttle under your Camry's hood when you understand how Toyotas work. Inspect your tools and the condition of your existing throttle before starting the removal and installation process.



things you'll need:

  • Siphoning hose
  • Container
  • Torque wrench
  • Throttle
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      Pop your Camry's hood to gain access to the throttle. Disconnect the car battery's negative terminal, then open the engine cooling system, located toward the left side of the hood. Insert a siphoning hose and drain the coolant into a container. Remove the air-intake duct hose from the throttle's body, then remove the accelerator cable from the right side of the throttle.

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      Detach all vacuum and coolant hoses from the throttle body, covering the hoses to prevent leaks. Disconnect the VSV connector, the mass air-flow connector and all ventilation hoses on and around the throttle body. Use a torque wrench to remove the mounting bolts and nuts on each side. Lower the throttle onto a flat wooden surface.

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      Place the new throttle gently behind your Camry's engine. Replace the mounting nuts and bolts on each side of the throttle and use the torque wrench to tighten them to 14 foot pounds. Be sure the bolts are installed correctly; in some models the upper bolts may be shorter than the lower bolts.

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      Reconnect the VSV connector, the mass air-flow connector and all ventilation hoses on and around the throttle body. Uncover the vacuum and coolant hoses and reattach them to the throttle body. Attach the accelerator cable again to the right side of the throttle.

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      Put the air-intake duct hose back onto the throttle body. Open the coolant container and insert the siphoning hose to refill the engine cooling system. Reactivate your car battery by plugging back in the negative car battery terminal.

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      Check for any loosely connected wires or coolant leakage. When you're done, put the hood back down and turn on the ignition. Let it run for a few minutes to make sure the engine is working, then take your Camry out for a test drive.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure your car's engine is completely cool before doing any work on it. Allow it at least an hour to cool completely.

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands as you work.

  • Keep all flammable objects away from your Camry and your work area. Keep a fire extinguisher close by in case of a fire in your engine or fuel system.

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