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How to Fix a Toyota Accelerator Pedal

How to Fix a Toyota Accelerator Pedal

No one was joking when the news came out about Toyota's problems. When owners began having problems with accelerator pedals on Toyota models across the board, Toyota began learning how to fix a Toyota Accelerator Pedal. The good news is that the fix is on for the gas pedal, and the proof is below. The only other problem that might need to be addressed is the more recent reporting of a problem with the brakes on the Toyota Prius. Just when they were done learning how to fix a Toyota accelerator pedal, the folks at Toyota need to learn how to fix the Prius brakes, only this fix may just be a little bit harder to accomplish (programming the computer or replacing the entire control system), though the problem is limited to just the Prius so far.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Toyota
  • Accelerator pedal (Part # 78110-0C010 & 78110-07010)
  • Shims (part # 78112 07040)
  • Ratchet wrench (w/sockets)
  • Feeler gauge(s)
  • Extension (6")
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • File
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      Park the vehicle on a flat surface with plenty of light to see underneath the dashboard, down to the Toyota accelerator pedal. The Pedal assembly will need to be removed so that the part number can be checked against the part numbers that are effectively recalled by the manufacturer.

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      Unbolt the accelerator pedal assembly and remove it from the floor board of the vehicle. Look on the side of the assembly for the part number. If the part number is not one of the affected models, replace and continue driving as normal after checking that the pedal is in working order after reinstallation.

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      Place the accelerator assembly on the work bench with the pedal pointed up. Follow the pedal back from the foot press to the housing. There is a gap in between the back of the arm of the pedal and the back stop of the housing. Inserting a shim in this slot will correct the defect in the pedal assembly. Use a feeler gauge to measure the distance from the back of the arm to the housing. Mark the distance and insert the correct sized shim. Once the shim is in place the pedal assembly can be reinstalled, tested, and then driven as normal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dealer technician have access to the correct shims and have the experience to do the job quickly and easily.

  • This article is more information on what is going to happen when you get the pedal fixed than an instructional for you to follow.

  • See in the resource sections for links to video with more in depth data information that was intentionally left out here.

  • Altering a Toyota accelerator pedal yourself can result in a continuation or a worsening of the problem. If you decide to do this yourself, it is recommended that the pedal be checked by a dealer at the next service appointment.

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